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Hello my name is Karen Mehanna . I am the owner, designer, and creator of @ Simply Karen


I am a Mother of two adults, and a grandma of two, soon to be three!


I have moved in and out of the US since the age of 14 due to war and instability in my home country of Lebanon. I love it but it’s become absolutely unlivable. I am the wife of a famous Lebanese actor, who will have his new movie screened in the Tampa area hopefully in the spring of 2023. 


I am a ballerina at heart never got to fulfill that dream which I replaced by making tutus and headbands, bows and vintage baptismal gowns.


My mission is to empower young girls by creating and designing products that help them embody their individuality and embrace the princess , ballerina within. 


When I wanted to become a ballerina in my home country that was a big no no. So that dream got snuffed after 10 years of dancing. Years passed by and I got married before finishing my degree left that dream behind too. 


I went back to college at the age of fifty and finished my degree in communication. 


Went back to my home country ten years ago and was hopeful to find a good job, but I guess the man upstairs had a different plan and that’s  how I created Simply  Karen. I started making tutus then started adding the hair accessories and decided that each piece would be unique and special for each girl. Then I prepared my daughters wedding every single detail my daughter dreamed off I made come true, and finally after 5 years I became a household name in my home country.


A small revolution , COVID and a huge explosion in my home country was the reason we moved back to the US . And I am trying to rebuild my dream again . I am finishing my website , And slowly building my clientele. 


Hope you enjoyed getting to know me . Thanks for reading .


Combine creativity, simplicity, and a mother’s touch, and you have Karen Mehanna.


As the brilliant mind behind Simply Karen Designs, Karen takes on the beautiful task of bringing her clientele’s vision to life with her elegant touch.


Weather you wish to have a beautiful accessory for a birthday party, bridal party, or any event you wish to celebrate; Let Karen bring your creativity to life.

Its me Karen!
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